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Simply Making Life Easier (SMiLE) .  

411SMS.com has added several features designed to make searching our service easier. Afterall, the goal of our service is to make sure that you get the best with maximum ease.

Areacode Aware™



    This allows you to send just the search without the city or state if it is in or around your areacode. For example if you are in the 310 areacode (los angeles), you can simply send "Eurochow" since it is in the same city as your areacode.

You can also change the default city that Areacode Aware™ uses for your phone by senging "setupcity " and the city you wish to use. E.G "setupcity atlanta ga" or "setupcity 90025".


LastCity Aware™:



    If you want to perform a new search in the city that was used in your previous search, simply put the letter "L" after the search. E.g. send "eurochow l". 411sms™ will use the last city you search in for your new search.




    It is possible to send a search to 411sms email "t411@411sms.com" in the same format as above and receive your response to your email. Simply follow the instructions for searching and substitute t411@411sms.com for 3109043113 (Don't forget to send "setup411" first to initialize the service). This is very useful if your cellphone provider offers limited text messaging but unlimited email with your plan. This way, you don't have to worry about going over your text messaging limit.


Change Home City:



    It is possible to change the home city and state that Areacode Aware uses which allows to send just the search without adding the city, state or zipcode. By default if Areacode Aware uses the senders areacode to determine the search city. However, you might be in a new city or you are using the email on your phone for search, in this case simply send "setupcity" and the city you wish to use as your default home city. EG
"setupcity las vegas NV"
"setupcity 90021"
"setupcity" (This will set your home city back to default that is based on your areacode).


Search by Areacode:

(works for all services)

    You can search any of our services by areacode instead of zipcode or city and state. E.G to get the business listings of jerry's famous deli in the 310 areacode, simply send:

"jerry's famous deli. 310"

Airport-code Aware™ (only works with the weather)     You can get the 5-day weather forecast for any airport in the world by sending the letter "w" and the airport-code. E.G.

"W lax"

"W. SFO" .

Now you can check the weather at any airport if you plan to fly there.


SMiLE Tips (Simply Making Life Easier):

Gps locations can be used to search for wifi hotspots, just add the latitude and longitude.
"wifi 33.937095 -118.232989"

DON'T FORGET to save 3109043113 as 411sms on your cellphone.




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