ctia411sms to Announce Launch of Latest Mobile Search Tool at CTIA Convention

(Los Angeles, CA) – Want to find Motorola’s booth at CTIA Wireless 2006 amidst the forty thousand other telecommunications executives attending the convention in Las Vegas? Need to find a taxi to get to your business meeting, but don’t have the number programmed into your mobile phone? Never fear, 411sms’ here.The Leading mobile search company, 411sms, continues to blaze a trail with the launch of its new service – Mobile Booth Locator (MBL), which will be featured at the upcoming CTIA Wireless Convention on April 5th-7th. The addition of MBL to 411sms’ service suite helps solve problems frequently encountered in foreign cities and venues by conference attendees. For instance, you can find a company’s booth information at CTIA by simply sending a text message to US411 (87411) with the term “CTIA” plus the name of the company you are looking for. Voila! Within seconds you will receive an instant text message with the company’s respective booth location at the annual tradeshow.

Ex: text “CTIA motorola” to US411 (87411)

To find a businesses or services close to the CTIA conference like taxi services, text “Taxi CTIA” and you will quickly receive a message with the names of two local taxi companies.

411sms continues to provides services that truly make life easier in accordance to their mantra (simply making life easier) showcasing their ability to deliver relevant everyday applications. “411SMS is about helping cellphone users easily and affordably find relevant information on their cellphones,” quotes CEO, Dr. Uyi Ogbeide, “and our booth-locator tool is a great example of a novel solution that helps our users to remain productive, while on-the-go.”

Mobile Search is beginning to emerge as a critical element for consumers and the mobile industry, at large, which is why the Mobile Marketing Association, recently called mobile search the “next significant value creation opportunity for mobile operators around the world. Furthermore, “searching on mobile devices follows in the footsteps of two significant wireless industry breakthroughs: SMS, which changed the way people communicate, and ringtones, which changed the way people think about personalizing their phone.” While mobile search continues to emerge, global search revenues are expected to double from $5.5B in 2005 to $11B in 2010, according to Piper Jaffray.

411sms is a leading mobile search company recognized for delivering the most accurate search results to consumers. For the past two years, 411SMS has focused on developing a suite of tools aimed at providing consumers with information access and search through their mobile phones. With the launch of the new booth locator tool, 411SMS now offers consumers fifteen unique products and over a dozen additional services due to be launched in the next few months. Services includes movie listings, driving directions, 411 information, etc at little to no cost to the end user.* 411sms will be showcasing their products and services at the upcoming CTIA Wireless convention. For more information , send an email to tiffani@411sms.com or click here.


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