wifiWhere’s the Free Hotspot? 411sms to the Rescue (A Free Service)

411sms, Inc, a Los Angeles based Data-On-Demand Company, is blazing a path in developing new protocols by becoming the first company to locate and deliver wifi hotspot locations via SMS based on your address, beating out other SMS giants like google and yahoo.

Due to the ever growing availability of wifi services and wifi enabled devices, locating a wifi provider is fast becoming a must, especially for users who are always on the go. Until now, searching for wifi hotspots was only available online and by “wardriving” where people drive around looking for a wireless fix. Other SMS wifi locators exist but only resolve to zipcodes and do not indicate whether the service is free. The solution? 411SMS wifi locator, a very simple service that requires texting “wifi” and your address to 3109043113 (411sms sms servers) and not only do you get a list of hotspots in your vicinity, but it also indicates whether the wifi hotspots are FREE or not.

“Our goal is to provide people with the easiest and cheapest way of getting information”, says Dr. U. Ogbeide, CEO at 411sms. “We are primarily a solutions company, and finding a solution to locating the closest wifi hotspots has been long overdue”. The newest addition to 411sms' suit of services is already proving to be a favorite with students, especially at the UCLA, 411sms founder’s alma mater.

“This service was initially created primarily for students and business travelers that need to have internet access in a new area. Now it is really simple. All you have need is your cellphone and address and you can find any hotspot anywhere in the country. Since most people are trying to save, it was imperative that we indicate whether the hotspots are free”.

411sms also utilizes its patent-pending artificial intelligence protocol SMILE (Simply MakIng Life Easier) that interacts with all sms sent before performing your search. SMILE allows uses to send their request in the easiest manner (minimal typing) and is GPS enabled. “SMILE allows users to text just ‘wifi’ without entering their zipcode or city/state and get hotspot locations in their home city, making it easier to perform”. SMILE, the corner stone of 411sms technology, requires no setup and is available once you start using 411sms.

Unlike other sms companies that focus on marketing, 411sms main focus has been on their in-house development of easy to use services, which has made their services and protocols the industry standard that other companies strive to follow. Some companys have locators but are limited to just zipcode or city searches (no search by address) and unlike 411sms, do not indicate whether the hotspots are free.

Ex (search by address): Text "wifi 14079 sepulveda blvd, los angeles, ca" to 3109043113.

411sms wifi locator is a Free Service. What’s next for 411sms as it continues to set the standard in free sms services? The company will be releasing in mid October its ALERTS services, allowing people to setup sms alert accounts for most of its services like daily stock quotes, weekly bible verses, birthday/events, horoscope etc. 411sms declined to reveal how much it will charge for its forthcoming Alerts premium service but states that it will very affordable and a limited free basic version will available.


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