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buttonHow To Get 5-day Weather Forecast.

You can get weather forecasts by text messaging.
Simply text "
W" (or weather) and the zipcode or city and state to US411 (87411). Get Alerts.

but "W 90025"

but "W los angeles ca "
but "Weather lax"

but "W london england " (international must include the country)
but "W" ( 411sms autodetects your city - less typing :-) always good)

    Simple Tips (Simply Making Life Easier)  

Simple Tips to make your life easier.

but Full movie title not needed - You don't have to use the full movie title, just a unique word in the title when looking for a specific movie EG looking for "dukes of hazzard", instead of sending "m dukes of hazzard 90025", you can send "m hazzard 90025" and get the same result. Cool, huh!..
but Easy to Remember - US411 on your cellphone keypad is 87411.
but Don't forget to Save the Number in your cellphone - 87411.
but Can't Send Text to 5 digit numbers? Text your search to 3109043113 (for prepaid cellphones like tracfone, metropcs, etc) .


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