Frequently Ask Questions
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Is searching with 411sms free?  

It is free from 411sms, inc. However, depending on what rate plan you have with your cellular phone company, you may be charged as much as 10cents to send or receive a message. We advise that you switch to a rate plan with unlimited text message. This will save you money not just from using our service but you can communicate with other cellphone users without incurring any additional charges. You may choose to send your searches by email from your phone since more cellphone company offer unlimited rates on their email service.


Why do I always get "none found" when I search for a listing?    

The most likely reason is that you are placing a period or comma before the city and state, or you are sending an incomplete city/state.

Another reason may be that your phone adds additional text to your query. You send "setup411" to 3109043113 to initialize your phone. Then send your message. The next common reason is that what you are looking for is not listed. Go to the "making life easier" page to learn more about simplifying your searches.


Is your 411 service format independent?    

Yes, You can search for a business listings in any format you wish. You can use periods, spaces, or commas to seperate your search and you can reverse the location and the search. E.G "hilton hotel los angeles ca" gives the same as "los angeles ca hilton hotel". Go to "making life easier" page to learn more about simplifying your searches.


Can I search on your site and send the result to my cellphone?    

Yes, you can use our virtual simulator. Simply enter your phone number and enter your search, the virtual simulator will simulate the sending of a text message on the screen as well as send it to your phone.

Why don't I get a response when I search for a listings?    

The time it takes for text messages to be delivered is determined by the cellphone carriers of the receiver and the sender. During peak times, delivery of message could range from several minutes to hours. This delay is in no related to the 411sms service.


can I use periods or spaces instead of commas (or vice versa) in all my searches?    

Yes, you can send your search separating the search from the location with a period e.g. "home depot. los angeles ca" or spaces EG "home depot los angeles ca". Most people prefer using period since it the first symbol you get when your hit the "1" button on your phone. It makes for less typing.


can I change my home city so AreaCode Aware can use a city I specify?    

Yes, you can. Simply send "setupcity" and the location you wish to use as your homecity e.g.:

"setupcity las vegas NV"
"setupcity 90021"
"setupcity" (This will set your home city back to default that is based on your areacode).


can I reset home city to the default from AreaCode Aware?    

Yes, you can. Simply send "setupcity" e.g.:
"setupcity" (This will set your home city back to default that is based on your areacode).


Will I get unsolicited spam text messages?    

No, 411sms.com does NOT sell or redistribute the numbers in its database. We do not condone unsolicited spam text messaging.


Why do I get listings of local weather services when I request a 5-day weather forecast?    

You need to send only the letter "W" and the location to get the weather. You are getting local weather service because you are sending the word "weather" instead of "W". E.G. "weather 90025" is wrong, "W 90025" is correct.


Can I use the email on my phone to search? I have unlimited email but only have 100 free text messages from my cellular provider.    

Yes you can use the email in your phone. Simply send your request to t411@411sms.com. You might want to send "setup411" to initialize your phone's email with our servers to ensure accurate results.


Does 411sms work internationally?    

At the moment, it only works internationally via email from your cellphone. It can search business listings in France and Great Britain. 411sms is working on launching a worldwide version of all its services that will be released in the near future. If you want to request a service in your country, you can email the support team at support@411sms.com


Does searching with 411sms work from all cellphone carriers in the U.S. like nextel, virgin mobile, edgewireless    

Yes, 411sms.com has implemented very advanced technology to ensure that all cellphones regardless of carrier or manufacturer can use our service. If you are having problems using our service, please let us know by emailing us at support@411sms.com.


When I search for a residential listing I get business listings. Why?

If you send a search and do not specify residential only by prefixing your search with "rs" (eg "rs James Bond. 90025"), our servers will search businesses first for your request and if none is found, then it will search residential listings. If you are looking specifically for a residential listing, simply prefix your search with "rs".



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