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Terms And Agreement/Privacy Policy

411sms, inc. strives to provide the best quality information for free without compromising the privacy of our users. Our terms and agreements are implicitly accepted by sending a text message request to our service. The following are terms and agreements:

1. Our servers can and may send multiple text messages or email to you if it is deemed necessary to help you achieve accurate results in your future searches.

2. Our servers can and will send you updates when new services or changes have been added. Updates may be as frequent as once a month (typically less frequent).

3. We reserve the right to discontinue service to any individual.

Privacy Policy: 411sms is a free sms-base directory assistance service provided by 411sms makes it possible for anyone with a cellphone and text messaging (or email) capabilities to send a query for a business and get a listing of matches including their phone numbers and addresses. This policy outlines the various types of personal information we may collect and how we use it at 411sms.

Text Services

If you have received a text message/alert from our short code and you wish to stop receiving them, reply to the message you've received with the word STOP. You will immediately be removed from the service and a confirmation message will be delivered to your mobile phone. All text messages sent and received are subject to charges by mobile phone provider. Standard text messaging rates or other charges may apply. Please refer to your carrier for more information.

By using 411sms, you agree to the collection and use of your personal information as described in this policy. If 411sms makes any changes to this policy, we will notify you by sms text message to your cellphone.

Information we collect
1. We collect the searches that you send from your cellphones.
2. We collect your cellphone number.
3. If you register with out webpage, we collect your email and personal information.

How we use the information collected
1. We DO NOT redistribute or sell any of the data collected.
2. We DO NOT condone or encourage unsolicited sms advertising or direct marketing.
3. The database will be used to generated statistics for performance analysis.

We at 411sms pay close attention to security, having installed multiple safeguards to ensure that our database CAN NOT be compromised.

Thank You for using 411sms.

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