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Mobile SOCIAL NETWORK :  Enabling Mobile Communities

Imagine enabling every member of your online social network/community with the ability to send instant messages to other members' cellphone. This value-added service extends the community beyond the realm of the internet. Our out-of-the-box products and custom services allow you to seamlessly integrate these applications to current standard online communities. Our Community Platform allows your users to access other user pages, read posts and requests to be "a friend" from any cellphones (ubiquitous access).

Out-the-Box Solutions:

buttoniTiM (Internet Text Instant Messenger)
   Online Community instant messenger that is runs in any web-browser (no downloads for the user) and can text members'    cellphone. Learn more....

buttonSMS/Wap Community Access
   Online Community users can access pages, reply to posts, etc. from any cellphones. Uses either wap (cellphone internet)    or sms dialog. Learn more....

buttonCustom Community Applications
   Our dedicated programming and engineering team are always available to create custom applications that suit any    creative ideas you might have. Learn more....