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buttonProject SMILE (Simply Making Life Easier).

411sms is dedicated to providing services that help our users to get information that significantly improves their lives in a simple and easy to use manner. As users of the services ourselves, we strive to make access as user-friendly as possible. We are always updating our services in response to user requests. So Guys, if you would like a service or find using a particular service to difficult, please let us know. We will move quickly to find a solution that makes your life easier.

Remember, you don't always have to pay to get information while you on the go. Use US411 (87411) for all your mobile search needs.

In accordance with the project SMILE motto, we will maintain our 10 digit number (3109043113) for access from prepaid cellphones or phones that can't text shortcodes.

>> Learn How to use free 411, turn-by-turn directions, etc.

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Examples for 411 listing - Send your text to US411 (87411):
but "pizza" (SMiLE autodetects your home city)
but "taxi 90025"
but "hotel atlanta"

but "Versailles Los Angeles, Ca"
but "video rentals 33.937095 -118.232989" (uses GPS lat and lon as location)"

    Simple Tips  

Simple Tips to make your life easier.

but No location needed (eg text only "pizza") because SMiLE will autodetect your home city (using Areacode Aware) and uses it for your search. You can easily change/set the home city that SMiLE uses for your phone by sending "setupcity" and the city and state EG "setupcity los angeles ca" or "setupcity 90023".
but Easy to Remember - US411 on your cellphone keypad is 87411.
but Don't forget to Save the Number in your cellphone - 87411.
but Can't Send Text to 5 digit numbers? Text your search to 3109043113 (for prepaid cellphones like tracfone, metropcs, etc) .


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